Alex, I remember the first day I went to see you I was scared actually in fear for my life. I was married for 9 years had a 1yr old daughter and was existing in a physically and verbally abusive marriage. What was worse was that my then husband was in law enforcement and I felt completely helpless. I had attempted to leave many times before but somehow got talked back into the downward spiral, I was told by him on several occasions that he would “destroy me and keep my daughter”. I believed him.

I knew I would be in for the fight of my life! I needed to find someone who would understand, listen and care what would happen to both myself and daughter. Yes, it is very easy to find an attorney look in the yellow pages there is name after name of lawyers willing to take your money and show up at court, but I found so much more in YOU Alex.

When we sat down for our first meeting I recall how intent your facial expressions were leaning over the conference room table to hear my sobbing voice, you never interrupted. You asked me what I wanted, what was most important to me to have after the divorce was over. (Which was sole custody of my daughter) Sitting with your yellow legal pad writing down everything and like a seasoned General formulating your battle plan.

I’m sure at the time you could have never realized what a huge part of each other lives we would become. Nearly daily phone calls constant court dates, meetings with law guardians and the general counsel you provided at such a vulnerable time in my life. You always came prepared ready for anything that got thrown at us by my ex-husband 5 different lawyers. We became one of the first test cases for Suffolk County’s Integrated Domestic Violence Part melding both family court and criminal court related to divorce and domestic violence. We fought many battles and we won the WAR!

You never lost faith in my strength to overcome the obstacles set before us. The move from my marital home to and apartment, with sole custody of my daughter, the order of protection, the panic alarm place in my home, the fight to retain my Nursing degree as my own, the near foreclosure of the martial home (since my ex decided not to pay the mortgage), the sale of the home, my last will and the closing on my new home…

I would have to say that you are one of the 10 most important people in my life and I thank GOD for all the support, care and council you have selflessly provided. I no longer consider you my lawyer but my friend. Mere words can not express the gratitude I feel. Thank You for believing in me, fighting so hard for Nina and I, without you my life would not have the zest and quality it does now.

Thank you Alex for all you have been to me and continue to be. Your most loyal client/friend Christine